Minimize Taxes. Maximize Retirement Income. Retire With Confidence.

We Coordinate Every Aspect Of Your Financial Plan (Even Taxes), So You Can Finally Feel Confident About Retirement

Why People Like You Choose Valtinson Bruner


We are a fiduciary, fee-based firm. We answer our clients’ questions honestly and always act in their best interest… and we’ve been doing it since 1984.

Save On Taxes

We help clients reduce their tax burden by revealing strategies for lowering taxes that most other people don’t even know about.

Comprehensive Planning

When they work with us, our clients don’t have to go anywhere else. We’re a one-stop shop that handles all of their financial planning needs.

Retirement Planning Case Studies

(Please note: These hypothetical examples do not involve a Valtinson Bruner client, and should not be considered a guarantee)

Case Study 01

Retire In 5-10 Years

Robert and Susan earn a good living and want to retire in 5-10 years. They have two kids, multiple investment accounts, and credit card debt…

Case Study 02

Retire In 5 Years Or Less

Mike and Carol held corporate careers most of their life and want to slow down. They want a plan to work toward their goal and (hopefully) retire in 5 years…

Case Study 03

Already Retired

Joe and Ellen retired last year. They thought they had everything figured out but aren’t sure their income strategy will continue to support their lifestyle…

Hoping To Retire In 5 Years Or Less?

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Comprehensive Planning & Dedicated Service To Help You Reduce Taxes And Maximize Income

Get All Your Questions Answered. Get All Your Finances Handled. For Life.

Financial Planning

We sit down and talk with you, so we can understand exactly what your current financial situation looks like. Then, we develop a personalized plan based on your goals and timeline.

Tax Planning

Most advisors run away from taxes. Not us. In fact, we run towards them. We work with you to reduce your tax burden and keep more money in your pocket.

Estate Planning

A comprehensive retirement plan doesn’t just include yourself… it also includes your family. We’re here to help you plan a long-lasting legacy. 

Here To Answer Your Most Important Questions… And The Questions After That, Too

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