Client Portal

The VBFP Client Portal offers our clients a consolidated view of all financial accounts, income, net worth, and retirement projections. Bank, investment, and loan accounts can be linked so they automatically update and give you a picture of how close you are to reaching your financial goals.


An introduction to the Valtinson Bruner Financial Planning Client Portal brought to you by eMoney Advisor covering the capabilities of the Portal and how to access it.

Adding Accounts

One of the primary functions of the VBFP Client Portal is to have the system automatiocally gather data from your various financial accounts. Here we cover how link your accounts to the Client Portal so that information is consolidated in one place for us to consider for your financial goals.

The Vault

Another primary function of the VBFP Client Portal is for you to store and share documents securely. This video shows how you can access documents we provide in your Vault as well as how you can use the Vault to privately store your documents or share them with us.


Running Reports can help you (and us) get a better view of your financial situation and consider different possible future scenarios.


The Help feature is one of the most exciting and useful aspects of the Client Portal. If you ever find yourself with questions about the Portal, try clicking the Help button to have the system walk you through the various processes offered step-by-step.

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