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Retirement Should Be Exciting — Not Overwhelming

We Help You Retire Without The Stress


How do you know if you’ll have enough to retire?


What about when you’ll be able to retire?


How do I pay for health insurance during retirement?


When should I start Social Security?


How can I make sure my retirement income lasts as long as I do?


Is your estate plan set up to ensure you leave a legacy for your family?

 If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

We believe you shouldn’t have to put the pieces of your financial puzzle together alone.

If you’ve worked your whole life to get to retirement, it’s time to finally take all that weight off your shoulders.

That way, you can stop stressing about your finances — and start imagining how you’ll spend your time and enjoy life.

If that’s what you want, then you’re in the right place.

Straightforward Financial Planning — Since 1984.

Larry Valtinson started Valtinson Financial in 1984. And for years, he ran it completely on his own.

He relied on referrals to bring in new business… and it worked.

When Larry’s clients found themselves talking to a friend or family member who had a financial question, they would say the magic words:

“You need to go talk to Larry.”

When the friend or family member walked into his office, Larry would invite them to sit down.

Then he would flip to a blank page in his trusty yellow sketchpad, draw out a few simple diagrams that answered whatever question they had…

And then, time after time, they would become a client.

Once they came on board, Larry’s clients rarely left. And they often referred other friends and family members to him too.

Unsurprisingly, Larry went through countless sketchpads over the years.

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Eventually, he realized that if he wanted to continue providing the same personalized, honest service his clients had come to expect…

He would need to bring on more team members.

At the time, Rob Bruner (CFP®, ChFC, RICP®) was working as an internal investment and financial planning specialist for a large national firm. 

He was building his financial planning business and wanted to open his own office or partner with another planner. 

After Larry and Rob realized their values aligned, they teamed up in 2013 to form Valtinson Bruner Financial Planning. 

As the business continued to grow, Rob and Larry realized they needed even more team members, so they could give their clients the best service possible.

And in 2019, they brought on Brandon Valtinson, who had previously worked for a large national bank. Brandon brings a wide set of analytical skills and a focus on client service.

Kellen Enright joined the group in 2023 bringing his financial planning and tax skills to the team.

We’ve put together a well-rounded team of financial planning and tax experts to serve our clients.

Our goal is to help ease our clients’ worries about money and guide them to enjoy their hard-earned money during retirement

Discover How We Can Help You Organize Your Finances And Eliminate Retirement Overwhelm.

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